When do language courses start in Australia?


Genereal English courses start every Monday. After testing your English language skills you will join the group of your level of knowledge. In the case of some courses (Cambridge, IELTS, EAP) the school determines the start date. Ask us about the intake dates!


When do vocational courses start and what are the requirements of the enrolment?


They usually start every 3 months, but there are schools where there are intakes every month. In most cases at least a secondary school certificate is required to enrol. Also, you have to have upper-intermediate level of English language skills as a minimum entry requirement.


When do university courses start and what are the requirements of the enrolment?


At bigger universities courses usually start twice a year, in February and August, but there are universities of trimester studying structure with an additional intake in November. Language requirement is dependent upon the individual course, but it is usually IELTS 6.0 which is approximately equal to an upper-intermediate English knowledge.


How long are the language courses?


 Duration is between 2-60 weeks depending on the course of your choice. We help you choose the length of your course considering your current skills and the level you want to get to. Students on a tourist visas can study up to 3 months. For a longer period than 3 months a student visa is required.  


What happens on the first day of the course? 


You go to the reception of the school with your passport and COE (Certificate of Enrolment). You write an English skills test based on which you will start your studies in a group of your level of knowledge the next day. During the day you will be provided with useful documents and informations: e.g. student card, health insurance, etc.


Do I get a certificate of the course?

On completion of your course of study you automatically get an official certificate from the school that certifies the length of your study and the level completed with them.


 Can I work while studying?

Students enroling in language or other courses are granted a student visa, making them eligible to work max. 40 hours fortnightly while their courses are in session and unlimited hours during breaks. With basic English language skills you can find certain student jobs (e.g . cleaning, kitchen hand, etc.) but with if you speak better English your chances grow, of course.

Some schools are offering job search programs. For detailed information, please contact us!


Is there an age limitation for the students?


Basically there is no age limitation regarding the student visa. At most schools the mimimum age for enrolment is 18 years but it’s not rare to see students over 50 years of age. Some schools accept enrolment for English courses from students under the age of 16. For primary and secondary schools normal age restrictions apply.


Can I change my school?


You can officially change to another school only after six months of your principal course starting date. This is because your visa is granted based on the COE code of the course you originally applied for. If you want to switch sooner, you have to request a ‘Release Letter’ from the school in which the school declares that it releases you. Visas can be extended at the end of the course provided that you have enroled in another course.


Where will I live?

We are pleased to help new arrivals find suitable accommodation: you can rent a room or share the room with someone in a shared house or apartment or have your own apartment if you wish.

If you like you can manage your accomodation yourself or you can ask your school for their related service. Schools usually offer so called "homestay" where you live with an aussie family.


Useful information for the every day living in Australia


  • Rent has to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly plus you need to pay 2-4 weeks bond (security deposit)
  • Like in other big cities around the world public transport is organized according to different zones, you can ask for detailed information at every ticket selling point. International students studying in Victoria or NSW are not eligible for concession!
  • The beaches are free and are of high quality.
  • In case you don’t have internet access at home you can find several internet cafes at reasonable prices across the city. (E.g.: Global Gossip.) don’t forget libraries
  • There are many bars, pubs and restaurants that stay open throughout the week.
  • Upon arrival buy an electrical adapter that you can use your electric appliances.
  • Mobile phone services are available throughout Australia. Service providers offer attractive packages (Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, etc.).

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