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We can assist you in all areas that are related to living, studying, accommodation and working in Australia. And it's FREE!




If you are considering course of study in Australia, obviously you have lots of questions. We believe we have the answers! Communicating via email, skype or phone we help you to pick the city and school you like the most.

Upon your decision to study in Australia we will guide you through your ‘to-do-list’ before leaving your country.  All the rest will be taken care of by us (in Australia).

We will keep in touch with you at all times.


How is the enrolment process working?


After you have chosen the institute we contact them to start your enrolment.

Upon receiving the offer letter from the institute the only thing you have to do is to make a bank transfer of the tuition fee. You send us the confirmation of your payment (e.g. via e-mail) then the college will issue the confirmation of enrolment (COE). This document will also be required to apply for your visa.


Where will you live in Australia?

We are pleased to help you find comfortable and affordable accommodation: rooms are available for both (individual) renting, and sharing in houses where groups of students live together.

You can also manage your accommodation yourself, if you wish, or you can ask the institute in which you enrol  for their accommodation service. Schools usually offer ‘homestay’ accommodation where you live with an aussie family.


Arrival in Australia


If your destination is Sydney you will have a free transfer from the airport to your accommodation.


Why are our services free?


This is the most frequently asked question, but the answer is very simple. You don't have to pay any fee for our services because the institute in which you will be enrolled in pay us a fee to assist you. This is completely separate from your fees to them and does not increase your enrolment fee.

This is the reason why our assistance for you is always free of charge.

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