Adele (Sweden)


First time I came to Australia when I was 18 years old as a tourist and I fall in love with the country. Not just the people were friendly but the beautiful beaches, the ever green trees, the gorgeous exotic parks and the city where always happening something, the city is always in bustling, this all attracted me easily.
When I went home I felt I must come back and explore more, so I needed to find some way to spend more time here. I wanted to continue my studies and Australian student visa gave me opportunities to work, I thought: “This is IT!” I can study and work to cover my expenses. Wow!
So I applied through Blue Water Study and they were very friendly, helpful, and helped me to go through the always boring paper works.
3 things in one!
So here I’m enjoying Australia, continuing my studies at the Uni and working and on the weekends partying with friends who I met at school and some of them are my work mates.
So come on MATES and enjoy the Ozzi life! It’s fun!

Francesco (Italy)


I’m 25 years old, I’m from Milano.

First time I came to Australia was about more than a year ago. I have been here for 8 months to study in English. I came trough Blue Water Study. They helped me to find a school and helped me a lot during my stay, such as find an accommodation, open a bank account or get a tax file number and etc. I went back to Milano after I finished my studies but after few months get clear to me I want to come back for further studies. So I called BWS again and Tibor enrolled me in to the Sydney Hotel School Intercontinental. So here I’m again. Studying again and enjoying the life and the sun in Sydney again.

When I will finish my school and get back to Milan with my Australian Bachelor of Hotel Management and my work experience within  the best 5 star Hotels in Sydney, I’m pretty sure I won’t have problems to find a good job in Milano in the Hotel Industry.

Thanks Tibor your help!

Katariina (Estonia)


I am a 56 years old Mum. My daughter went to study in Australia and I thought I visit her. I was a little afraid about what I would do during the 4 months what I was planning for stay. Then came an idea that why I shouldn’t study too. So I enrolled for a 12 weeks English course. The Blue Water Study helped me to find a course near to my daughter school. So we went together to the school in the mornings and we spend the afternoons with shopping, exploring the surroundings or just hanging out somewhere in the city or lay down on the grass at the Hyde Park. The evening was for the studies of course. I had a wonderful time in Sydney. We get closer with my daughter as two class mates as well. And I had few friends from the school, with whom I’m still keep in touch and imaging that, two of them are similar age as me. Thanks BW Study, I had a wonderful time in Sydney!

Reiner (Germany)


I lost my job and I was searching for a while to get a new job. I was really frustrated and then came across an idea. Why I am struggles to find a new job? I thought I expending my studies and increase my English knowledge. Then I find on the internet this company the Blue Water Study. They were very helpful and friendly, and helped me to find the best tailored on me English course which was suits to my budget and also gave me the highest quality education.

I spend 6 months in Australia studying English then I had one month to travel around that beautiful country.

When I returned to Germany I started with the job searching again, but this time with confident, lots of nice memories and fresh energy as well of course.

Guess what?

I find a job. I am ..manager

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